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Helo Lx / Helo Lx Plus Builder Packs 

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Helo Lx Plus

You can find your perfect Helo Lx / Helo Lx Plus Builder pack on my official World gn store. Follow the 4 steps below. You’ll learn the details to what’s

included in the builder packs after these steps.

Step 1: You can go to the upper right of this website, and click the purple button to be taken to my secure company site to make your purchase. 

Step 2. Pick your family’s pack – Click “Buy it” then “Add to Cart”.

Step 3. Create an Account – Click “Register“, then click “Join the Customer Referral Program – Member“.

Step 4. Fill out the page with your info, and click “Join” at the bottom.

Remember, if you get lost from me, my username is “kellyc“. That’s as far as I can go without actually making a purchase, but if you have questions, just message or text me. 🙂

What’s included in a Helo Lx Builder Pack?

First, there’s the Helo Lx Builder pack. This is a pack of the older model Helo Lx that has been out since late June of 2017. When you choose this pack, you save $767.

Then, there’s a Helo Lx Plus Builder pack. This is the new Helo that has just come out. You save $817 when you choose this pack, and you’re up to date with latest Helo.

Third, on my company site is the Helo Mix Builder pack. This pack consist of 2 of the older Helo Lx’s and 2 of the new Helo Lx Plus’s for slightly more than the Helo Lx Builder pack. I think this one may be for some parents who are buying for themselves and their younger children since kids can be rough with their belongings. You also save $767 when you choose this pack.

Last, at the bottom of the page, is the Professional Pack. This is 4 Helo Lx Plus’s. The Helo Lx Plus has much better, clinical grade sensors, and if you’re purchasing for your parents, in-laws or other adult family members, I would go for the professional pack all the way. Plus, you’re saving $2’945 when you choose the professional pack!

The Professional pack comes with everything below, AND 72 Biozen Plus sticker chips!

Included in these packs, are 4 sets of germanium plates, and 4 band kits. A box of band kits include extra bands that give you the option to switch up the color of your Helo band with “five amazing colors” so that you look stylish, and impress everyone, while having this wealth of information when you need it most. These are products that truly improve more than one aspect of your life! The germanium plate kits are another thing that improves your wellness bands. The plates are 99.9% pure germanium. When you use it, you will understand its benefit. 😉