Helo Loyalty Membership

Helo Loyalty Membership

The Helo Loyalty Membership is one of the reasons why I recommend to join as a member. We pay 59 a month, but I’ll outline some of the benefits that we receive for that here:

I’ll start with my favorite. You may pay 59, but you get back 75 in loyalty points. Loyalty points are great! First, you can use them in the Loyalty store. There, you can use these points to buy World products, like Helo Lx Plus. One Loyalty Point equals $1. So far, I have been able to buy an Infolio, and a Helo Lx Plus with my loyalty points!

The second thing about Loyalty points, is that we have a membership program with different levels. The more points you accrue, the higher level you are. Here’s more about the levels:

When you start off new, you’re at the Basic Level, but you can still request your personal basic card.

Helo Loyalty Membership
Helo Loyalty Membership Cards

The next level is Advanced. When you reach 200 Loyalty points, you are at the Advanced Level. Also, a protection plan for your World devices will automatically be enabled.

Finally, you reach Premium Club Level at 800 points. You get VIP privileges at this point. This is where I am. I am Premium Club, and World is offering me a brand new device for free because that is another benefit to paying the 51 monthly. (see below)

The Forever Program: When you keep your membership active, after a year, World will offer YOU a free device, too! Every single year!

That is the power of the monthly Helo Loyalty membership

BUT, you also get the Helo App Pro for up to 5 people with unlimited recording time and permanent storage. WeCare for 20 people, and SOS for 3 people. Your LifeOracle will be personalized, and available weekly / monthly. DNA Analysis with profile info (coming). Also, Oxygen, Glucose, & Viscosity Plugin will be available to you. All of this just for the Helo App Pro!

The Helo Loyalty Membership is actually over $1’700 in value over a year’s time, just for 59 a month!

There are more benefits to the membership, involving details regarding the comp plan, so contact me if you’d like to learn about those! 🙂